This module of application of hot melt is designed to realize continous laminations of materials like paper, textile, foams, nonwoven, etc.
The unit is a compact module designed to be integrated in a laminating line that have of calander,undwinding and rewinding units.

The application of adhesive can be realized "full coating" or "multi-line coating", by means of the change of the type of plate.

The coating unit is formed by the following elements:
1 Support approximation - positioning of the coating head. It supports the position of the coating head in relation to the substratum of precise and trustworthy form. It allows the inclination of the coating head and to distance-near it from the substratum
1 Solid and robust structure, for integration of the support of the coating head, pass rollers, pneumatic system and other mechanisms
4 Pass rollers for the material
1 Coating head


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