Laminating with engraved roller LAM-PUR-2200 (PUR hotmelt)

The lamination process LAM-PUR system is similar engraved roller process.
Hotmelt is melted by equipament fuser and placed by heated hose on scraper.

-At the moment roller revolves hotmelt distributing lengthwise. This way the alveolus engraved roller are filled of adhesive.
-Scraper press roller cleaning roller surface and excess adhesive that has not penetrate in alveolus.
-Adhesive is transfer to substratum meanwhile adhesive pass between engraved roller and engraved pressor.
-Grammage depend engraved desing

Aplicattion more usual are polyurethane foam-textil or breathable membrane with nonwoven
- Automovile.- Upholstery, Airbag, headrest,...
- Clothes.- Bedclothes, underwear, sport clothes,swimsuits, ...
- Hospital industry.- Mattress protective, bed protective, clothes barrier protective
- Shoes

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